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Is this a writer's block??

Writing should come about naturally, never forced upon.
I used to be able to write so easily, but now it’s become more like a chore.
Maybe, that’s what happens when you’re not in touch with writing for long!
It needs practice, no matter how easy it sounds. Anything, I guess when not kept in touch with loses its familiarity and this breaks the flow.
The so-called “Writer’s Block,” something writers and people all fear of encountering can be a huge hurdle especially when you choose such a profession.
It isn’t all that easy to string a bunch of words together; to be able to choose the right words and make the sentence sound that much more appealing and exciting.
These tactics, I guess come to you over time, how to get the best punch-line to grab the maximum number of readers; after all writing is a gift of language and only those with high vocabulary can sensitize readers and grab their interest.