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Slow Down! Our Fast-Paced World is making us Sick!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re racing against time, trying to meet the deadlines and pressures of work? Most likely, your answer would be a DEFINITE yes and that’s not even your fault!
In today’s fast-paced times, where not only are competition levels growing, but also with the rapid growth of e-commerce due to digitisation, it is hard to stay away from electronic devices such as your smart phone, laptop or tablet.
WHY? The answer is quite simple and that's because its how we all make our living and at the end of the day what counts is how much money we have, RIGHT! Moreover, to top all of this off, we have to take care of ourselves!
Whether it is about going to the gym or visiting a doctor or therapist to help us deal with the constantly bombarding amount of stress and anxiety that we face in our lives.
Slow living is the exact opposite of what is going on in our hectic and demanding lives. Can you remember the last time you focused less on chasing the de…

Travel With Your Eyes Open: Responsible Tourism- Part 2

Whether it is a business trip, luxury beach villa, volunteering project, solo trip to any other type of vacation it is very important to remember that tourism carries with it a sense of responsibility. This responsibility, termed, as ‘responsible tourism’ is the management of tourism, where economic, social and environmental benefits are maximised.
When was the last time that you went for a holiday and actually paid attention to the culture of the region that you were in? Although tourism is one of the main reasons for uniting hundreds and thousands of people, it is absolutely important and imperative for travellers to abide by certain travel ethics and prevent destruction of a region’s heritage, culture and habitat.
A very popular adage, “Take only photographs, leave only footprints” can very aptly be used in this context. Besides tourism being of different types such as ecotourism, sustainable tourism, medical tourism, pro-poor tourism, mass tourism, social tourism to even creative t…

Travel With Your Eyes Open: Responsible Tourism- Part 1

Travel and tourism is no doubt an important industry in itself, but is also the lifeblood of many important states from different countries across the world. It has even become an important component of a country’s economy and is also one of the biggest industries in the world. In fact, if we look at the tourism within our country- India, it is known to have tremendous potential to promote faster, sustainable and even inclusive growth!  
Travel, within the country (domestic) or even international, has plenty of benefits as well as consequences on a country’s growth. This may include economic, social and environmental benefits that tourism brings about. So, while many of us tend to focus more on the positives, the harsh consequences that tourism may leave upon countries are often neglected.
Some of the main benefits that tourism can bring into a local economy include various things, some being payment of goods and services required by tourists and increasing opportunities of employment…