Medical Tourism

Traveling for the purpose of business, has gained immense popularity as more & more businesses have become much more global than they were before.

With foreign investment markets opening up in India, and the liberalization of global economies; corporate /business travel has taken a major leap forward in the field of tourism.

Corporate travel insurance, made for both domestic as well as overseas travel covers all the aspects a general travel insurance policy would cover. It may cover areas such as medical expenses, medical evacuation, lost baggage, flight cancellation, and any other impending danger during the business travel.

Saving you from stress and anxiety, corporate travel insurance often overlaps with medical tourism.

Providing “cost-effective” private medical care in collaboration with the tourism industry for patients needing surgical and other forms of specialized treatment is the chief aim of medical tourism.

Medical tourism, also known as medical travel /global healthcare/health tourism is a practice whereby healthcare providers travel internationally to deliver healthcare.

This also extends to specialized surgeries such as cardiac surgery, dental surgery, cosmetic surgeries and join replacement (knee/hip) surgeries.

Other types of health care included are psychiatry, alternative treatments, convalescent care and even burial services.

The providers of medical care and customers generally depend on informal channels of communication- “connection contract” for inter-communication.

Over 50 countries including Greece, South Africa, Jordon, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore, along with the new entry of India are actively promoting medical tourism.

This recent trend in the privatization of health services is a result of the globalization of a consumerist culture which feeds upon the aspirations arisen out of this culture.


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