Our spirituality should lie in making children well-fed instead of justifying their hunger as past-life mistake

Malnutrition, a result of a very poor diet and starvation is one of the main reasons most of the children belonging to poor households face stunted growth, health, development and survival.

Then, what are we as a nation taking so much pride for when mentioning about the story of shining India? Hunger and starvation of millions of children in the country is not something which aptly fits under this, does it!!?

While the nation continues to advance forward, making improvements in the condition of roads, rails, job opportunities and other facilities; who takes responsibility for the condition of the neglected children belonging to the invisible section of the society?

A country which is divided into rural and urban areas, many of the children belonging to small towns and villages live in areas which do not even have good quality schools and lack infrastructure. Moreover child hunger is intertwined with many socio-economic issues such as poverty, illiteracy, lack of proper sanitation, lack of education, religious intolerance and violence.

In addition, when measures are passed to improve the situation of children, there is an even larger vice at hand; corruption. Bribes, exchange controls, embezzlement's, corruption at every step all lead to improper allocation of distribution of food that was promised to them as well as other measures such as education, sanitation and medical help. 

Although, many believe that the power lies in the hands of the Government, it is also a shame that we don’t do anything about this issue. The government is a reflection of the people and it is the attitude of the people that the government reflects. Thus, we the people have to understand the depth of this problem of hungry, starving children. 

Our spirituality should lie in making children well-fed instead of justifying their hunger as past-life mistake.

What am I doing to help make a difference to a child suffering from starvation? I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda to help make a difference.