A state of madness; of oblivion, of evasions from daylight

My pillow and my blanket are my saviors for the night

Time rolls by in slow motion; but my mind's on a different flight;
On a flight full of thoughts... thoughts that only fight!

Anger, sadness, guilt and fear all surface to the top,
I toss and turn, but these thoughts of mine, these thoughts are all non-stop!

I close my eyes and wait a while, there’s nothing I can do...
I just can’t get myself to sleep, oh god its half past two!

Am I on the edge of an abyss, for I just can’t get any rest?   
As sleep eludes me every night, or maybe I’m just stressed..

Time moves by in slow motion; but my brain has gone to sleep,
Its morning now, I guess its time for the cycle to repeat.