Triglycerides & Why They Matter so Much

Is weight the only factor you should be paying attention to if you want to be healthy?

The answer is yes, but ONLY to an extent! There are many other contributing factors towards good health such as whether you are overweight or underweight, obese, your BMI (Body Mass Index), heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar (glucose levels) and even your triglycerides levels!  If you are one of those who are really struggling hard to lose weight, you may want to strain yourself a bit further!   

Losing weight is a long struggle and requires immense amounts of dedication, hard work and persistence. Even if you have temporarily lost weight, it does not even lead to permanent weight loss.

This is because your body wants to remain the same and it is going to work hard to get back to that weight! All the hormones and gut bacteria inside the body get changed once you are overweight and that in turn changes the intensity of cravings for food and even your satiety levels, i.e. how much food it once took you to feel full.

While cholesterol gets a lot of the attention when it comes to ‘body fat’ there is also another lipid or fat particle in the blood that is known as a triglyceride, which can cause severe health problems.  This is mainly the case when the triglycerides level is high. Triglycerides are known for playing an important role in maintaining good heart health as well as the overall health of the body.

How do triglycerides get inside the body?

There are two ways in which triglycerides can enter the bloodstream. It can either be:

·      Directly through the fats that are eaten as a part of the diet
·      They can be created inside the body from the carbohydrates that are consumed

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